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Hi and welcome to Yorkshire Beaches! My name is Amber and I live in North Yorkshire, so I visit the range of beaches we are lucky to have along our coastline on a regular basis, whether that’s just to enjoy a walk around the coastal towns or hopping on my paddleboard for a different view.

Having these beaches ‘on my doorstep’ so to speak, means I can offer you some insight into what there is to do when visiting Yorkshire’s beaches, some hidden gems in the towns and how to make the most of your trip.

With each of Yorkshire’s beaches offering different experiences, there really is something for everyone, whether you want a bustling seaside town or a peaceful, quiet beach for a dog walk.

About Me

During the day, I work at my 9 – 5 job in an office, but on an evening, I enjoy getting out and about on my bike or for a local jaunt on the paddleboard.

Being stuck in an office all day makes my weekends even more precious to me, so I often find myself travelling over to the Yorkshire Coast and making the most of what is on offer.


I have an inflatable paddleboard, so throwing it into the back of the car isn’t too much of a hassle – in fact, it’s all the safety equipment that takes up the room!

There’s plenty of places to launch from across the Yorkshire Coast, with North Landing being a good option as there is a large car park close by.

I never go out in rough seas, but on calm days, having a paddle in the cove can be incredibly relaxing.

Fossil Hunting

I’ve been a big fan of fossil hunting for some time – I enjoy not only the buzz of finding the fossils, but also the challenge of extracting them.

Recent trips have been to Port Mulgrave and Saltwick Bay where I added to my collection with some amazing ammonites.

If you’re planning on going fossil hunting, the best times are the day after some heavy rainfall, but don’t get too close to the cliff edge as it can become unstable.


I love walking, partly because it is a free activity and it’s healthy. Apart from finding a route, there’s not much planning and effort to put in.

There’s so many walking routes to explore across the Yorkshire Coast, including the Cleveland Way and Cinder Track.

I hope you enjoy this blog and find it helpful!


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