Cayton Bay Beach

Cayton Bay beach is around 4 miles South of Scarborough and has a completely different vibe to the busy South Bay and family friendly North Bay in Scarborough.

Cayton Bay
Cayton Bay, Scarborough

About Cayton Bay beach

Cayton Bay beach is popular with those looking for a more relaxed and less commercialised environment, perhaps to partake in some watersports or have a peaceful picnic on the beach.

Nestled comfortably between Scarborough and Filey, Cayton Bay beach generally gets less visitors due to the lack of shops and restaurants, making it less suitable for families.

In the Summer months, when you visit Cayton Bay beach, it can often feel like you are in tropical climates due to the vegetation surrounding the beach.

You can take a walk through the woodland which eventually brings you out in Cayton Bay village where there are shops and several holiday villages.

If you’re looking to stay in Cayton Bay, you can stay in either Cayton Bay Holiday Park or Cayton Village Caravan Park.


Located just 4 miles South of Scarborough and 4.2 miles from Filey, so it’s a great stop of if you’re visiting either of these more popular towns. If you need the postcode for Cayton Bay beach for your navigation device, use: Scarborough YO11 3NR.

Getting There

Cayton Bay beach is located just a short walk from Cayton Bay village so if you plan on staying in the village, you will be able to access the beach at your leisure. Be aware though that the beach is a steep walk down (and back up!).

Cayton Bay Path

On foot

Depending on how adventurous you are feeling, you can walk to Cayton Bay from both Filey and Scarborough, both of which should take you around 1hr and 30 minutes at an average walking speed.

Cayton Bay beach is on the Cleveland Way trail so there’s always suitable pathways and signage should you want to make a day of it.

If you’re walking to the beach from Cayton Bay village, you can expect a 1.5 mile walk which should take around 30 minutes (the last part is downhill).

By car

There is one car park at Cayton Bay, however, it is not directly near the beach due to it being downhill from the main road. The closest parking to Cayton Bay beach is the roadside (Filey Road) which is free of charge.

Cayton Bay Parking

There is often the opportunity to park at the public car park next to Cayton Bay surf shop, which is what visiting surfers often do (charges apply).

By bus

Depending on which direction you are coming from, you can take advantage of the regular bus service which will take you to Cayton Bay beach. The East Yorkshire Coaster service 12 and 13 travel between Bridlington and Scarborough, both allowing you to depart or embark at Cayton Bay.


Unlike South Bay in Scarborough where you have access to all of the local amenities, Cayton Bay is a little more secluded and has fewer facilities, but there are still toilets and a cafe.

Toilets: There are toilets located at Cayton Bay close to Salty Dog cafe.

Cayton bay toilets

Washing facilities: There are no showers at Cayton Bay but you can fill up a bottle using the tap water in the toilets to wash sand off your feet.

Cafe’s/Restaurants: There’s a cafe just off the beach at Cayton Bay called The Salty Dog (previously Lucy’s Beach Shack) which serves hot and cold food & drink so you can grab a refreshment.

The Salty Dog

Shops: There are no shops located at Cayton Bay, but The Salty Dog (previously Lucy’s Beach Shack) sometimes sells beach items.

Are dogs allowed on Cayton Bay beach?

There is no signage on the beach to signify that dogs aren’t allowed on Cayton Bay, so you are free to exercise your dog on the beach all year round.

What is there to do at Cayton Bay?

There are no activities at Cayton Bay beach but it is a popular beach for those who enjoy watersports such as surfing, paddle boarding and swimming. Lifeguards to patrol the beach at certain times of year but caution should always be taken due to the more remote location of Cayton Bay beach.

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