Danes Dyke

Danes Dyke is a bit of a hidden gem on the Yorkshire Coast. Although not far from Bridlington North Beach, it’s a world away from the hustle and bustle of Bridlington town centre.

About Danes Dyke

Danes Dyke beach is rugged and surrounded by white cliffs with a combination of both sand and pebbles making up the beach itself.

Danes Dyke Beach

The beach doesn’t generally get too busy so it’s great for those who simply want to set up camp, enjoy a picnic and make the most of the weather.

Danes Dyke is at the foot of spectacular woodland, also known and the Reserve, which has well laid out paths which lead you through the trees and down the ravine.

You can easily access the Cleveland Way trail from Danes Dyke beach which takes you over to Flamborough and past Selwick’s Bay.


Danes Dyke is located just 4 miles from Bridlington and just 1.5 miles from Flamborough, making Danes Dyke the perfect beach to visit if you are staying at either of these popular locations.

Getting to Danes Dyke

There’s a few ways you can get to Danes Dyke and it’s a really accessible location, despite being quite remote and quiet in comparison to other Yorkshire seaside beaches.

On foot

Danes Dyke is conveniently located just a short distance from Sewerby and is easily accessible without needing to go too far off the beaten track.

From Bridlington

Head North from North Beach towards Sewerby (and Sewerby Hall and Gardens). You will need to navigate through Marton village where you will be able to access Danes Dyke nature reserve.

Once you reach the reserve, head towards the car park and toilet facilities. Just a stones throw from here you will find the beach. The walk is just over 4 miles.

From Flamborough

Starting at Flamborough Head car park, access the coastal pathway via the rear of the lighthouse and head right with the coastline on your left.

Stick with the path until you reach South Landing, where you will cross over passed the coastguard building.

You will see some steep steps back up the cliff and you can continue on your journey to Danes Dyke (you will come to a small piece of woodland just before you reach Danes Dyke beach). The walk is around 3.5 miles.

By car

You can park directly at Danes Dyke nature reserve, leaving just a short 2 minute walk to the beach itself. The turn off is just through the village of Marton and, if coming from Bridlington, just past Sewerby Hall and near to Bridlington Golf Course.

There is a main car park which can get full quite quickly, and then an overflow car park which is on grassland, but most vehicles should be able to cope with the terrain.

The roads are single track, but it’s a one way system, so larger vehicles should be fine to travel down the road.

Parking is both car parks is around £2.90 for all day (great if you’re planning walking down the coastal path).

By bus

The nearest bus stop is on the B1255 Bridlington to Flamborough road, which is just a 10-15 minute walk down to the beach through the nature reserve. You can use the EYMS bus route from Bridlington to Flamborough (and vice versa) to get to Danes Dyke.

Facilities at Danes Dyke

There are enough facilities at Danes Dyke to enjoy a full day out without needing to leave early.

Toilets: There are toilet facilities at Danes Dyke (and at Flamborough Head car park).

Washing facilities: You can use the toilet facilities to fill up bottles of water (not for drinking) and washing.

Cafe’s/Restaurants: There are no cafe’s or restaurants at Danes Dyke, but Bridlington and Flamborough have plenty of places to grab food. There are picnic tables at Danes Dyke if you want to bring your own food.

Shops: The nearest shops are in Bridlington and Flamborough. Bridlington has more of a high street, whereas Flamborough has gift shops and places to grab a snack.

Are dogs allowed at Danes Dyke?

Dogs are allowed to be exercised at Danes Dyke and there are no restrictions like there are at busier beaches. The nature reserve and the coastal path are great for those who want to take their dog on a longer walk.

What is there to do at Danes Dyke?

The main focal point of Danes Dyke is the nature reserve, which is ideal for enjoying a walk, a family picnic or just stretching your legs before driving home. There’s a stream that runs through the middle and there’s plenty of woodland to explore, especially with the little ones.

Sewerby Hall and Gardens is just a stones throw away if you want to combine two days out into one.

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