Fraisthorpe Beach

Located just South of Bridlington South Beach, Fraisthorpe Beach is a much quieter location if you are looking to enjoy a calming afternoon walk or to take the dogs for a stroll.

Fraisthorpe Beach
Fraisthorpe beach

About Fraisthorpe Beach

Fraisthorpe Beach is easily accessible by car and foot and provides a more relaxed experience for those who want to enjoy a dog walk or a quiet afternoon walk. It’s a sandy beach with plenty of space to walk up and down to your hearts content.

You can also walk to neighbouring beaches such as Bridlington South Beach if you are feeling energetic.


Fraisthorpe Beach is located just over 2 miles South of Bridlington South Beach and the same distance from Barmston Beach.

Getting to Fraisthorpe Beach

Getting to Fraisthorpe Beach is easy with the access road that leads from a main road and the distance from Bridlington.

On foot

One of the best ways to visit Fraisthorpe Beach is to walk down the coastline from Bridlington where there plenty of parking, shops, cafes and facilities.

The walk is around 2 miles each way, but there are refreshment options at both ends of the walk.

By car

If you are travelling from the Hull area or from Scarborough, simply navigate to the A165 and you can drop into the village of Fraisthorpe.

From here, take the road that leads down to the beach towards the Cow Shed cafe. The road from Fraisthorpe is quite narrow but is not obstructed by trees to visibility is good. There are also plenty of passing places.

Parking has been taken over from an old fashioned ‘pay at hut’ to a pay-and-display method, with plenty of machines dotted around the car park. We recommend keeping hold of your parking ticket and displaying it clearly in your windscreen as it has been reported that fines have been sent to innocent beach goers due to the upgrade in technology.

Address: Fraisthorpe, Bridlington, YO15 3QU

By bus

If you’re looking to travel to Fraisthorpe Beach by bus, the nearest bus stop is on Fraisthorpe Lane End, just on the A165, so you will have to walk the rest of the way to the beach. The distance between the bus stop and the beach is around 1.5 miles so should take 30 minutes for the average walker.

Facilities at Fraisthorpe Beach

Fraisthorpe Beach doesn’t have many facilities, but there is a large cafe/restaurant just off the beach as well as toilet facilities.

Toilets: The nearest toilets are located at just by The Cow Shed Cafe which is just a 1 minute walk from the beach.

Washing facilities: There are no showers (but you can use the toilets to wash down from the beach).

Cafe’s/Restaurants: There’s a large eatery called The Cow Shed Cafe which sells a wide range of hot and cold food, snacks and drinks with ample indoor and outdoor seating.

Shops: There are no shops locally, but you can purchase snacks at The Cow Shed Cafe.

Are dogs allowed at Fraisthorpe Beach?

Dogs are allowed to be walked on Fraisthorpe beach as well as neighbouring Wilsthorpe beach as there are no restrictions at any time of year.

What is there to do at Fraisthorpe Beach?

There are no activities or attractions at Fraisthorpe Beach itself, but you can partake in some non-motorised watersports such as surfing, swimming and paddle boarding. Bridlington South Beach is within walking distance where you will find some attractions for children.

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