Hayburn Wyke

Hayburn Wyke is a small, enclosed pebble beach that doesn’t attract large crowds, making it the ideal location for those who like a quiet afternoon walk or more energetic ramble.

About Hayburn Wyke

Hayburn Wyke is a rugged, pebble beach with a waterfall, encased in the cliffs. It’s great for walking (we recommend bring good, sturdy footwear) as well as enjoying a picnic. The woodland surrounding the beach is perfect for walkers looking to venture further afield and discover more of the Cleveland Way trail.

Hayburn Wyke
Hayburn Wyke Beach


Hayburn Wyke is located just 7 miles North of Scarborough, but is a world away from the busy North Bay and South Bay beaches. If you are using a navigation system, the exact location is: Hayburn wyke, Scarborough YO12 6LD (you cannot drive right to the beach so see below for directions).

Getting to Hayburn Wyke

Whichever method of transport you choose to get to Hayburn Wyke, you will need to walk the last part as there are no roads leading directly to the beach itself.

On foot

One of the best things about Hayburn Wyke is that it is located on the popular Cleveland Way trail, so can be visited alongside other Yorkshire beaches.

From Scarborough

You will need to make your way to SEA Life Centre on Scalby Mills Road. Once you reach the SEA Life Centre, you will see a pub with some outdoor seating. Head towards the pub and you will notice a small bridge which allows you to cross over onto the Cleveland Way trail.

The, you simply follow the trail until you reach Hayburn Wyke, which is identifiable by the stream leading to a waterfall on the beach.

From Ravenscar

Starting from Ravenscar village, you want to navigate to Raven Hall. From here, follow Station Road, heading away from the toilets (sea on your left hand side) until you see a white house. Opposite the house, you will find a pathway and a sign for Cleveland Way (Scarborough). When you reach the end of this path, take your right, keeping the sea on your left at all times until you reach Hayburn Wyke.

By car

The closest parking to Hayburn Wyke is just as you turn towards the Hayburn Wyke Inn from Hodgson Hill (you can use: Cloughton, Scarborough YO13 0AU for your sat nav).

You can sense the route by the obvious signs, there are bars and cafes along the way that use custom neon signs, which looks very conspicuous.

Eventually, you will see a sign for the pub from the main road (Hodgson Hill) and immediately, you’ll see a grassy area where you can park up. From here, you will need to walk downhill and then through woodland in order to reach the beach itself. The walk is likely to take 15 – 20 minutes depending on your skill level.

By bus

There are local bus services from Scarborough, Whitby and Ravenscar that drop you off on the nearest main road, allowing you to jump on the nearest trail down to Hayburn Wyke. Both the X94 from Whitby and the 115 from Scarborough have stops nearby. You’ll still need to make your way down through the woodland as there is no way for vehicles to access the beach.

Facilities at Hayburn Wyke

There are very few facilities at Hayburn Wyke with the beach being so remote and away from the local amenities.

Toilets: There are no toilet facilities at Hayburn Wyke.

Washing facilities: There are no showers but if you feel inclined, you can use the waterfall for a quick wash down!

Cafe’s/Restaurants: There is a country pub called The Hayburn Wyke Inn which is just 10 minutes walk from the beach via the woodland.

Shops: There are no shops nearby, but you can reach the local villages where you will find convenience stores. There’s a farm shop located in Cloughton Newlands or if you travel a bit further up the road to Cloughton, you’ll find the local post office which sells snacks and refreshments.

Are dogs allowed at Hayburn Wyke?

Dogs are allowed to be walked at Hayburn Wyke, there are no restrictions, but as it is not a sandy beach, it might not be the best location for dogs who enjoy a good run.

What is there to do at Hayburn Wyke?

The main reason people to travel to Hayburn Wyke, apart from visiting the waterfalls, is to join the Cleveland Way trail which covers a vast amount of the Yorkshire Coast. There are no activities at Hayburn Wyke, and there is no lifeguard on duty so bear this in mind before you go.

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