Kettleness Beach

Kettleness beach, located North of Whitby, is on a rugged part of the Yorkshire coastline so popular with walkers and those with dogs.

Kettleness Beach
Kettleness Beach

About Kettleness Beach


Kettleness beach is one of the most Northern beaches on the Yorkshire coast. Kettleness is a small village that is easily accessible from Whitby, Runswick Bay and Port Mulgrave.

The beach itself is a steep walk down from the village, so should be done with caution.

Located on the popular Cleveland Way trail, Kettleness Beach is often visited whilst walking from Whitby to Staithes.

Getting to Kettleness Beach

You should first navigate to the village of Kettleness where you can then make your way down to the beach via the steep steps.

On foot

One of the best ways to visit Kettleness Beach is to take the walk down the coastline from Runswick Bay which has better parking options. Both villages are on the Cleveland Way trail and the walk is approximately 2 miles (4 mile round trip).

For a longer walk, you can head over from Sandsend which is slightly further at just over 3 miles.

By car

You can drive to Kettleness by making the journey to the A174 and then navigating to Kettleness through Goldsborough.

There is limited parking available on the grassed area in the village.

By bus

You cannot reach Kettleness by bus, but you can get to either Runswick Bay or Sandsend by bus and then make the rest of the journey on foot. The bus goes between Whitby and Middlesbrough multiple times during the day.

Facilities at Kettleness Beach

Kettleness Beach doesn’t have any facilities, but there are amenities in nearby villages.

Toilets: The nearest toilets are located at Runswick Bay or Sandsend. You could visit the village pub in Goldsborough for a drink and use the facilities during your stop off.

Washing facilities: There are no showers (you can use water from the sinks in the public toilets).

Cafe’s/Restaurants: There is one pub in the nearby village of Goldsborough, The Fox and Hounds. Otherwise, Runswick Bay has plenty of pubs to choose from.

Shops: There are no shops locally, so we recommend taking your own drinks and snacks or purchasing them from the cafe in Runswick Bay.

Are dogs allowed at Kettleness Beach?

Dogs are allowed to be walked on Kettleness Beach as it’s not a popular family beach. The steps down to the beach are steep and may not be suitable for all dogs.

What is there to do at Kettleness Beach?

There are no activities or attractions at Kettleness Beach itself, but Runswick Bay is popular with surfers and kayakers. Visitors to Kettleness often use the Cleveland Way trail which is popular with hikers, so you can incorporate a visit to Kettleness beach whilst navigating the trail between other popular beaches such as Runswick Bay and Sandsend.

There’s a holiday cottage called The Sleeping Dragon located just at the top of the cliff close to Kettleness beach that offers spectacular views out to sea and has its own outdoor space so you can enjoy a glass of wine on a late summer evening.

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