Port Mulgrave Beach

If you enjoy rugged beaches in quaint seaside towns, Port Mulgrave should tick both of those boxes. What was once a thriving port village, Port Mulgrave is now much quieter and a peaceful spot popular with fossil hunters.

Port Mulgrave
Port Mulgrave beach

About Port Mulgrave Beach

Port Mulgrave is just North of Staithes and is on the Cleveland Way trail, so often visited in conjunction with other seaside towns.


Just 1.5 miles North of Staithes, Port Mulgrave is a less populated village but still rugged and great for fossil hunters. The beach itself isn’t best suited to sun worshippers as Port Mulgrave beach isn’t your standard sandy beach, but rather rocky.

Situated between Staithes and Runswick Bay, we recommend visiting Port Mulgrave alongside the neighbouring seaside villages so you can see more of what the Yorkshire coast has to offer.

Getting to Port Mulgrave Beach

You will need to make the journey to Port Mulgrave beach by foot as it’s a long way down from the Cleveland Way trail which runs along the cliff side.

On foot

If you’re staying in the village at one of the holiday cottages, you won’t need to travel far. You can reach Port Mulgrave beach by heading for the Cleveland Way trail. When you see the signage, head down the steps to the beach (the steps are steep but there is rope in place to act as a handrail). As of 2022, these steps have been washed away by a land slip, so be aware you will need to use the rope if you head down. We recommend taking extra care.

By car

There is very limited parking available in Port Mulgrave village, so we recommend parking in Staithes and walking the Cleveland Way trail round to Port Mulgrave beach. There is ample parking available in the pay and display car park off Staithes Lane, close to Captain Cook Inn.

By bus

You can travel to Port Mulgrave by bus, but you will need to make the final leg of the journey on foot. The bus stop is located in Hinderwell, meaning you will need to walk down Rosedale Lane to the village of Port Mulgrave and then down the steps to the beach (15 minute walk).

Facilities at Port Mulgrave Beach

Port Mulgrave Beach doesn’t have any facilities, but there are cafes and restaurant close to nearby beaches and villages.

Toilets: The nearest toilets are located in the public car park in Staithes (next to Captain Cook Inn).

Washing facilities: There are no showers (but you can use the toilets to wash down from the beach).

Cafe’s/Restaurants: Staithes and Hinderwell both have a selection of pubs and cafes to choose from.

Shops: There are no shops locally, but you can purchase snacks in Staithes and take them with you.

Are dogs allowed at Port Mulgrave beach?

Dogs are allowed to be walked on Port Mulgrave beach as there are no restrictions at any time of year, but be aware the walk down is steep.

What is there to do at Port Mulgrave beach?

There are no attractions at Port Mulgrave beach but it is popular with fossil hunters and it is considered one of the best places to find fossils on the Yorkshire coast.

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