Saltwick Bay Beach

Saltwick Bay beach is located around 1 mile south of Whitby and the only real focal point is the holiday park situated at the top of the cliff (there is no residential areas such as homes or businesses). Saltwick Bay beach can easily be reached on foot via the Cleveland Way.

Saltwick Bay beach

About Saltwick Bay Beach


Saltwick Bay beach is located just 1 mile South of Whitby Abbey and around 5 miles North of Robin Hood’s Bay. If you are travelling to Saltwick Bay beach, you can use the following postcode for your navigation device: Whitby, YO22 4JX.

Getting to Saltwick Bay beach

Saltwick Bay beach is located near the Whitby Holiday Park, but the beach can only be reached on foot, although if you are travelling by car, you will need to park in Whitby, which can be accessed from York, Hull and Middlesborough.

On foot

The only way to visit Saltwick Bay beach is to take the walk down the coastline from Whitby Abbey direction, or Robin Hood’s Bay if you’re travelling North up the Cleveland Way.

The walk from Whitby should take around 20 minutes, if you start at Whitby Abbey or around 1 hour 45 minutes if you walk from Robin Hood’s Bay.

The walk down to the beach itself is only accessible using some steep steps. There are handrails in places, but if you are less steady on your feel, I recommend using a hiking pole or similar.

Steps down to Saltwick Bay beach

By car

I have always walked to Saltwick Bay beach from Whitby and used Abbey Headland car park located next to Whitby Abbey which is free in the low season.

The walk from Abbey Headland car park to Saltwick Bay beach takes around 20 minutes.

By bus

There is no bus that goes near to Saltwick Bay beach, but you can get a bus to either Robin Hood’s Bay or Whitby, depending on which directing you’re coming from.

If you’re travelling from the Middlesborough area, you can use the X4A to get the bus into Whitby or the X93 into Robin Hood’s Bay.

If instead you’re heading from the Scarborough area, you can use the X93 bus to reach either Whitby or Robin Hood’s Bay.

You will then be required to walk the next stage of the journey on foot to reach Saltwick Bay.

Facilities at Saltwick Bay beach

Saltwick Bay beach doesn’t have many facilities, but there is a local holiday park that has an outdoor play area, a bar and a shop.

Toilets: The nearest toilets to Saltwick Bay beach are located at Whitby Abbey visitor centre, but these do cost around 50p per visit.

Washing facilities: There are no showers (except within Whitby Holiday Park), but Whitby Abbey visitor centre does have toilets you can use to clean up before traveling home.

Cafe’s/Restaurants: There’s a cafe located at Whitby Holiday Park, but I have never used this and unsure if it is open all year round.

I often visit Saltwick Bay and then head into Whitby for fish & chips, as there’s plenty of options including Hadley’s Fish & Chips, Quayside Fisheries and Angel Fisheries.

Shops: There is a shop at Whitby Holiday Park at the top of the cliff at Saltwick Bay, but we do recommend taking your own drinks and snacks.

If you’re walking from Whitby, you can purchase some local delicacies at one of the cafes or shops in the town centre.

Are dogs allowed at Saltwick Bay beach?

Dogs are allowed to be walked on Saltwick Bay beach as it’s not a popular family beach, but the walk down can be quite steep, meaning it might be strenuous coming back up, especially for older dogs.

What is there to do at Saltwick Bay beach?

There are no activities or attractions at Saltwick Bay beach itself, but there is a holiday park located right at the top of the cliff which offers family activities if you are staying in the resort.

When I visit, I am usually on the hunt for fossils, which can be found in the rocks, particularly after a rainy night. Saltwick Bay is protected, so you should only hunt for fossils that have fallen from the rocks.

Fossil Saltwick Bay
Fossil in the rocks at Saltwick Bay

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