Skipsea Beach

Skipsea Beach is located between Bridlington and Hornsea, with several other quieter beaches on the same band of coastline.

Skipsea Beach

About Skipsea Beach


Just 10 South of Bridlington, Skipsea Beach is much less busy and offers a more relaxed environment. The beach is just under 1 mile from the village centre.

Getting to Skipsea Beach

Skipsea Beach is located just under 1 mile from the village of Skipsea so can easily be navigated to.

On foot

You can access Skipsea Beach on foot from Skipsea village which should take around 10 minutes or from nearby beaches such as Barmston (3 miles) and Hornsea (6 miles). You can make the journey across the sand so it’s ideal for a dog walk or a family stroll.

By car

Driving to Skipsea Beach is easy as you can just head for the A165. The A165 goes between Bridlington and Hull so the route into Skipsea is simple and stress free. You can use the address: Central Avenue, Skipsea, Driffield, YO25 8TZ.

By bus

If you’re looking to travel to Skipsea Beach by bus, you should know that there are only 2 buses each day and the last bus is just after lunchtime. The bus travels between Hornsea and Bridlington, stopping in Barmston and Fraisthorpe on the way.

You can check the timetable before you travel so you can plan your day.

Facilities at Skipsea Beach

Skipsea Beach itself doesn’t have many facilities as it’s part of a small village, rather than a bustling town, but the village is located just a short distance away so you can head to the local post office, ice cream parlour or pub for what you need.

Toilets: The nearest toilets are located in Hornsea (Skipsea has no public toilets). You could head to the local pub for a drink and use their toilet facilities.

Washing facilities: There are no showers (we recommend using the sinks in the toilet for fresh water).

Cafe’s/Restaurants: There’s a pub located in the village as well as an ice cream parlour so you can grab some refreshments.

Shops: There is a village shop located where the post office is so it’s the perfect place to grab picnic items.

Are dogs allowed at Skipsea Beach?

Dogs are allowed to be walked on Skipsea Beach all year round.

What is there to do at Skipsea Beach?

There are no attractions of activities to do on Skipsea Beach, but the village of Skipsea is home to Skipsea Castle which is owned by English Heritage. Skipsea Holiday Park is popular among families looking for a holiday by the sea with plenty of entertainment.

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