Spurn Point

Spurn Point is aptly named as it sits on the tip of the Yorkshire coastline, close to Hull, where the land comes to a point. It’s different to most beaches along the Yorkshire coast with a nature reserve making up the majority of Spurn itself.

Spurn Point
Spurn Point

About Spurn Point

Spurn Point is on the Spurn Heritage coast in East Yorkshire, right at the very bottom of the Yorkshire coastline. Sitting between the Humber estuary and the North Sea, Spurn Point is popular with walkers and bird watchers.

You can take a walk to the lighthouse or do a full circular of Spurn Point (around 6 miles round trip).


Spurn Point is quite a distance from any town or city, but Hull is the nearest built up area. There are other villages locally, but all have very few amenities.

Getting to Spurn Point

The easiest way to get to Spurn Point is by car, coming from the Hull direction where there are good transport links.

By car

If you are driving to Spurn Point, you will be able to go as far as Spurn Nature Reserve, but the rest of the journey will need to be made on foot. It costs £5 to park all day, with free access to the Nature Reserve and Discovery Centre.

By bus

You can get a bus as far as Easington Caravan Park, but from here, it is a 2.5 mile walk to reach Spurn Point. The bus goes from Withernsea (direct) or Hull (1 change required).

Facilities at Spurn Point

Spurn Point is a heritage site, so there’s very few facilities at the location.

Toilets: The nearest toilets are located in the Discovery Centre close to Spurn Nature Reserve.

Wheelchair rental: You can rent a beach wheelchair to access Spurn Point, but these are limited. You should call in advance to book.

Cafe’s/Restaurants: There is a cafe on site which serves food between 10am and 4pm. You can sample some of the delights on offer, including hot and cold sandwiches, sausage rolls and sweet treats. There’s also a range of hot and cold drinks.

Shops: There are no shops locally, so we recommend taking your own drinks and snacks or using the cafe on site.

Are dogs allowed at Spurn Point?

Dogs are not permitted on Spurn Point. You can take your dog as far as The Discovery Centre, but there are dog walks nearby.

What is there to do at Spurn Point?

There are no activities or attractions at Spurn Point itself, but there is a lighthouse to visit and a Discovery Centre to explore. You also have the Nature Reserve to walk around after your bracing walk across the peninsular. You can also rent a bicycle if you’re looking for a different way to explore the area.

If you are in to nature, you can get up close and personal by bird watching in one of the hides along the peninsular.

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