Wilsthorpe Beach

Wilsthorpe beach can often get forgotten about due to its close proximity to Fraisthorpe beach and Bridlington South beach, but it’s a great option if you like quiet beaches that are ideal for a dog walk.

Wilsthorpe Beach

About Wilsthorpe Beach

You can also walk to neighbouring beaches such as Bridlington South Beach if you are feeling energetic. There’s very little to do in terms of making a full day of it at Wilsthorpe, although there is a holiday park located nearby.


Wilsthorpe beach is nestled right in between Fraisthorpe beach and Bridlington South beach so it’s often visited in conjunction with one of those beaches. The great thing about Wilsthorpe beach, aside from its peaceful nature, is that there is no break when the beach reaches Fraisthorpe or Bridlington, so you can continue walking from one beach to the next.

Getting to Wilsthorpe Beach

Getting to Wilsthorpe Beach is easy with the access road that leads from a main road and the distance from Bridlington. Because the beach is quiet and one of the smaller ones on the Yorkshire coast, it doesn’t get too busy, so you can always find a parking space.

On foot

One of the best ways to visit Wilsthorpe Beach is to walk down the coastline from Bridlington where there plenty of parking, shops, cafes and facilities. Alternatively, you can come from the opposite direction of Fraisthorpe which is a popular choice for dog walkers due to the lack of restrictions.

By car

If you are visiting Wilsthorpe beach by car, you should park in neighbouring Fraisthorpe or Bridlington and make the rest of the journey on foot.

Parking in Fraisthorpe (in the car park by The Cow Shed) has been taken over recently (2021) from an old fashioned ‘pay at hut’ to a pay-and-display method. We recommend keeping hold of your parking ticket and displaying it clearly in your windscreen as it has been reported that fines have been sent to innocent beach goers due to the upgrade in technology.

If you are parking in Bridlington, you can use Bridlington Park & Ride or Langdales Wharf Car Park near to Bridlington harbour.

By bus

If you’re looking to travel to Wilsthorpe Beach by bus, the nearest bus stop is on Fraisthorpe Lane End, just on the A165, so you will have to walk the rest of the way to the beach. The distance between the bus stop and the beach is around 1.5 miles so should take 30 minutes for the average walker. We recommend walking from Bridlington rather than the main road as it’s much nicer and away from the road.

Facilities at Wilsthorpe Beach

Wilshtorpe Beach doesn’t have any facilities, but there are cafes and restaurant close to nearby beaches.

Toilets: The nearest toilets are located at just by The Cow Shed Cafe just a few yards from Fraisthorpe beach which is just 0.5 miles away. Alternatively, there are toilets in Bridlington close to the harbour.

Washing facilities: There are no showers (but you can use the toilets to wash down from the beach).

Cafe’s/Restaurants: There’s a large eatery called The Cow Shed Cafe just a short distance from Fraisthorpe beach, selling a wide range of hot and cold food, snacks and drinks with ample indoor and outdoor seating. Alternatively, there’s a wide range of eateries in Bridlington if you want more options.

Shops: There are no shops locally, but you can purchase snacks at The Cow Shed Cafe in Fraisthorpe or Bridlington town centre.

Are dogs allowed at Wilsthorpe?

Dogs are allowed to be walked on Wilsthorpe beach as there are no restrictions at any time of year.

What is there to do at Wilsthorpe Beach?

There are no attractions at Wilsthorpe beach which is what makes it attractive to those looking for somewhere to take a stroll or walk the dog. If you want things to do to keep the little ones occupied, you should head to Bridlington and take advantage of the amusements and fairground.

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